Tidal power generation is very predictable and unobtrusive and the moon is a reliable counterparty. Tides are more predictable than wind energy and solar power. The best project sites around the world are yet to be commercially developed, so the industry is set for tremendous growth over the next decade, globally. Tidal power makes use of 50+ years of technology development pioneered by the subsea oil and gas industry and  more recently, the amazing developments made by the offshore wind industry in efficient power transmission back to the shore.

Tidal power projects are typically located close to the shore, so often there is no offshore transformer platform required and most of the expensive power conditioning equipment is located safely in the onshore substation. Tidal turbines rotate very slowly, so pose no threat to marine life whilst in operation. The turbines are intelligent enough to be able to turn on each tide to face the oncoming water flow and they can rotate their blades to stop producing power if the water speed exceeds safe operational limits. In addition, vessels can pass over the top of a tidal field unobstructed and tidal projects bring economic benefits to the communities where they are located.

The tide moves a huge amount of water twice each day, and harnessing it could provide a great deal of energy – around 20% of Britain’s needs

Tidal turbines are basically underwater windmills. The main advantage of tide over wind (aside from the predictable nature of tides) is that because water is more than 800 times denser than air, tidal turbines do not need enormous rotor diameters to yield a lot of power. They can extract a large amount of power from a small amount of seabed. The ocean is a vast resource of power and it is presently virtually untapped. That is about to change.

At Atlantis, we have some of the largest tidal power projects in the world currently under development, and we are sure that in a few year’s time, when there are thousands of megawatts of installed tidal power capacity around the world, people will see how simple and obvious tidal power is as a form or predictable generation.

Tidal power just makes sense.