Install and electrically connect AR-1500 tidal turbine.


D8.1 Clearwater project turbine deployed


This WP is now complete. Cables were deployed at the site in September 2015 and the AR1500 turbine was successfully deployed at the MeyGen site in February 2017.

The laying of the subsea cable was completed at the site. The cable is housed in an individual bore holes of approximately 0.5km which runs from the foreshore into the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth and down to the seabed. From the exit of the borehole, the cable then runs along the seabed to the offshore project site.  The cables will connect the tidal turbines to the onshore substation, from where the power will be fed into the wider grid.

Cable reels were loaded onto the vessel Siem Daya 1 in Hartlepool and then transported to the site in Caithness. In 2015, work from the vessel completed all offshore operations on within four days.

In February 2017, the Atlantis AR1500 tidal stream turbine was successfully deployed in less than 60 minutes following earlier connection of its proprietary wet mate connection management system, which allows for rapid deployment and retrieval of the tidal stream turbine.

The AR1500 was deployed offshore and connected to the grid onshore at a control building at Ness of Quoys in Caithness. This building has been grid connected since June 2016 and it is at this location that the power from the project is converted and combined to form a 6MW grid compliant tidal stream power station which directly supplies energy to the local electricity distribution network in Caithness.

AR1500 Tidal Turbine Deployment

AR1500 Tidal Turbine Deployment