The CLEARWATER Project was a European Commission grant awarded under the FP7 programme of €7.7 million made to CLEARWATER consortium, led by Atlantis Resources Ltd to design, build, install and operate an open ocean tidal energy farm in the Inner Sound in the Pentland Firth, off the Northern coast of Scotland within the wider 398 MW Agreement for Lease of the MeyGen project.

The CLEARWATER Project is now complete and demonstrated the technical and economic feasibility of a multi-turbine tidal energy array, an essential step to catalyse development of commercial projects in the EU ocean energy industry. CLEARWATER provided a credible, robustly implemented transition from high cost single turbine demonstration deployments of marine turbines to economically viable multi turbine arrays. The consortium consists of:

  • SIMEC Atlantis Energy (Atlantis): tidal stream technology and project developer
  • Edinburgh University: research institution (with significant focus on all aspects of ocean energy, from resource analysis, through to array modelling and commercialisation research)
  • Royal Haskoning DHV: engineering and environmental consultancy (having secured in excess of 2,000MW of offshore wind consents)
  • DHI Water & Environment: world leaders in tidal resource assessment and hydrographical modelling.

CLEARWATER, which commenced in early 2014 and ran until 2018, built on the AR-series open ocean tidal turbine system tested at EMEC and delivered a wide range of new innovations. Most importantly the project provided a number of step changes to catalyse the European tidal stream industry.

The CLEARWATER Project was broken down into several work packages (WP) with specific objective for each. Please click on the links below for each WP where further detail can be found along with information on project milestones and deliverables.

WP1 Project Management

WP2 Project Development and Environmental Monitoring

WP3 Resource Assessment and Monitoring

WP4 Design

WP5 Grid connection and power electronics

WP6 Tidal turbine

WP7 Foundation

WP8 Deployment

WP9 Commission

WP10 Operations and Maintenance

WP11 Dissemination

A number of project milestones have been set to be achieved throughout the project.

Milestone Number Milestone name WP number Status
MS1 Project consent WP2 Complete
MS2 Project design WP4 Complete
MS3 Fabrication WP7 Complete
MS4 Deployment WP8 Complete
MS5 First power WP9 Complete
MS6 Final reporting WP11 Complete


Deliverable Number Deliverable Name WP number Dissemination level Status
D1.1 Financial model for commercial project 1 Confidential
D1.2 European future supply chain Opportunities report 1 Public
D1.3 Progress reports 1 Confidential
D2.1 Environmental Monitoring Plan 2 Public  Complete
D2.2 Environmental Management Plan 2 Public  Complete
D3.1 Wake monitoring analysis and turbine

placement plan for commercial scale array,

along with power production predictions

3 Public
D4.1 Detailed tidal array design report 4 Confidential  Complete
D5.1 Provision and installation of onshore control


5 Demonstrator  Complete
D6.1 1 x AR-1500 nacelle with complete quality documentation delivered to point of mobilisation 6 Demonstrator  Complete
D7.1 Completed foundation with accompanying Quality documentation delivered to the point of mobilisation. 7 Confidential  Complete
D8.1 Clearwater project turbine deployed 8 Confidential  Complete
D9.1 Initial AR Series turbine commissioned

and producing power to the Scottish National


9 Public
D10.1 10,000MWh to the Scottish electricity grid 10 Report