Aquanator — 5KW (2002)

Installed at the Clarence River, New South Wales, Australia.


Seaflow — 300KW (2003)

Installed at Lynnmouth, North Devon


Nereus — 150KW (2008)

Installed at San Remo, Victoria, Australia.


SeaGen — 1.2MW (2008)

Installed at Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.


Solon Turbine — 500KW (2009)

Installed Bell Bay, Tasmania, Australia.


AK1000 — 1MW (2010)

Installed at the European Marine Energy Centre, Scotland


AR1000 — 1MW (2011)

Deployed at European Marine Energy Centre, Scotland.

AR1000 Turbine being lowered into the water

Atlantis Acquisition of Marine Current Turbines Limited from Siemens (April 2015)

Atlantis acquires the iconic MCT tidal turbine business including extensive seabed rights, existing projects, staff and intellectual property.

The acquisition consolidates two world leading tidal technologies – MCT and Atlantis – under the Atlantis turbine business and further establishes Atlantis as a global leader in tidal current power. Furthermore, creates one of the largest portfolios of tidal current power projects in the United Kingdom under the Atlantis power generation business.

MeyGen — First Power (November 2016)

The first Andritz Hydro Hammerfest turbine at the MeyGen project is successfully installed and connected to the grid.