Strangford Narrows

Status: in Decommissioning

The SeaGen device located in the Strangford Narrows, Northern Ireland was installed by Marine Current Turbines and commenced operation in 2009. SeaGen is a prototype 1.2MW device comprising of 2 No.600kW powertrains which were the first tidal turbines to be connected to the electricity grid network. Since 2009 the device has provided valuable information relating to the operation and impact of tidal turbines in the marine environment, in particular marine mammals.

The data gathered from the operation and maintenance of the SeaGen device has been used to develop the next generation of tidal turbines, and this valuable feedback will continue to influence turbine design in the future. Following completion of the research and development work, the powertrains were removed from the SeaGen device in June 2016.

Atlantis Resources have undertaken an environmental impact assessment and submitted an application for a marine licence for the second phase of the removal works, which will be assessed by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) and other interested stakeholders. We plan to remove the remainder of the SeaGen device in summer 2019.