Strangford Lough

Status: in Development

Strangford Lough is a large sea loch in County Down, on the east coast of Northern Ireland and the nearest town to the site is Strangford. The site is located to the south of the demonstration “SeaGen” turbine, hence Atlantis is ideally paced to use the data, experience and relationships developed during the test deployment to assist in realising value at Strangford. We would do so with a 30MW project made-up of 24meter rotor diameter AR2000 turbines, each of which would be manufactured in Scotland.

Strangford Lough is one of the best tidal resources in the world given its consistent flow in a protected location which is not exposed to open ocean swell. More than 15GWh of generation was dispatched to the grid by Siemens’ Marine Current Turbines and the pioneering SeaGen machine which generated electricity and data, vital to demonstrating the low environmental impact tidal generation has on marine flora and fauna. Strangford Lough remains a high priority development for Atlantis once an appropriate support regime is established in Northern Ireland.