Sound of Islay

The Sound of Islay is a 21km passage of water separating the islands of Islay and Jura on Scotland’s west coast. At its narrowest point, where it is just 1.4km wide, current speeds exceed 5 knots, but is generally well protected from wave action. It is 50m to 60m deep at its deepest point, which extends south from Port Askaig for approximately 1.5km.

Atlantis purchased the site from Scottish Power Renewables in 2016. The Project has full consent, grid and an agreement for lease from the Crown Estate. Atlantis intend to build the Sound of Islay site in 2018.

This site offers a lower average flow speed than the MeyGen site, but as it is both deeper and more sheltered from waves it is possible to deploy larger diameter turbines to capture more energy. The consent conditions allow for deployment of turbines with rotor diameters of up to 26m, giving a swept area more than twice as large as the 18m Phase 1A turbines. We have received a very high level of interest from prospective turbine suppliers wishing to deploy their technology in these favourable conditions