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SIMEC Uskmouth Power Station is a 363-megawatt coal fired power generation plant in South Wales, UK which was built in 1959. When it was originally designed and built, Uskmouth was intended to be run on the area’s abundant local coal supply. Now, under our ambitious scheme for conversion, the plant is being repurposed to run on abundantly available non-recyclable plastic waste. We believe that the successful conversion of Uskmouth will form the blueprint for other power stations destined to be decommissioned, providing instead an extended period of valuable service in compliance with up-to-date emissions regulations and with materially lower levels of CO2 emissions. This project is expected to help the transition of the local economy and workforce in Newport from a historic reliance on coal to a new, sustainable future, whilst at the same time providing an economically viable alternative to landfill of waste and addressing the issue of non-recyclable plastics. The converted Uskmouth plant is intended to enter commercial operations in 2021 and will use pellets made from equal proportions of waste biogenic material, such as paper and cardboard, and other forms of waste, such as plastic. These pellets will be supplied by a joint venture set up between the GFG Alliance and N+P Group BV, a Dutch recycling group.

Atlantis Resources Limited acquired Uskmouth Power Station in 2018. In return, SIMEC Energy acquired a 49.99% share of Atlantis, which was renamed SIMEC Atlantis Energy Ltd, becoming part of the GFG Alliance. In the first phase of the conversion itis intended that 220MW of capacity at the Plant will be converted to use pelletised non-recyclable plastic waste as fuel, with the potential to add a further 70MW of capacity in later years. Enabling the effective and efficient management of waste, particularly of plastics, is central to SIMEC Atlantis’ Uskmouth project. Complimentary to a nation-wide increase in recycling rates, the Uskmouth site will significantly reduce the volume of non-recyclable plastic which would otherwise go to landfill or into the ocean.

The wider benefits of burning pelletised waste include:

  • Minimising landfill waste
  • Reducing emissions from coal plant conversion
  • Retaining local jobs
  • Creating tradeable materials
  • Developing export opportunities
  • Decarbonising heavy industry
  • Supporting intermittent renewables with predictable, flexible power

The converted Plant, which is intended to enter commercial operations in 2021, will sell all its power under two 20 year power purchase agreements (“PPAs”) to GFG Alliance companies, and will receive fuel under a proposed 20 year fuel supply agreement with a joint venture company to be partly owned by a GFG Alliance company and partly owned by Dutch recycling group N+P Group BV (“N+P”).

Key milestones achieved to-date are:

  • Completion of SIMEC Uskmouth Power Limited acquisition– June 2018
  • Announcement of a 50:50 joint venture between N+P Group and SIMEC Energy to produce end-of-waste energy pellets– November 2018
  • Signed Heads of Terms to sell a 25% shareholding in Uskmouth Project to Equitix – November 2018
  • Return to Service and plant readiness review completed – March 2019
  • Pilot scale fuel production runs, and milling completed – March/ April 2019
  • Successful testing of the waste pellets – April 2019
  • Pilot scale combustion tests completed successfully, with confirmation of a 100% SRF flame achieving stability – April 2019
  • Stage 1 of FEED completed including design freeze for Environmental Impact Assessment – June 2019

Future milestones:

  • Stage 2 FEED commences – July 2019
  • Return to Service plant invasive inspections – Q3/Q4 2020
  • Large scale combustion testing – Q4 2020
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Completed – Q3 2020
  • Environmental planning permission and permitting awarded – Q1 2020
  • Full EPC Contract awarded – Q1 2020
  • Site construction works commence – Q2 2020
  • Commercial operations commence – 2021


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