Atlantis originates and develops greenfield marine power projects all around the world.

Not only can we take the role as lead developer, but we also work with consortiums to secure development rights for marine power projects. Founded in 2005 as a supplier of tidal stream turbines, Atlantis quickly grew to include development of tidal stream projects.  It now has rights to c.600MW of tidal sites in the UK alone and is the majority owner of MeyGen, the world’s largest tidal stream energy project.  At MeyGen, advanced plans have been made to enhance the existing 6MW array by adding at least two new Atlantis turbines to the site. These will use a new subsea connection hub and will share a single export cable, cutting the costs associated with having a dedicated export cable per turbine. The proposed work, known as Project Stroma, will benefit from a €16.8 million revenue support package under the European Commission’s NER300 programme. The Company expects the yield from the enhanced array to increase by approximately 40% relative to the current configuration of four turbines. We are targeting first power generation through the new subsea hub in late 2019.

In May 2019, Atlantis entered a formal agreement with GE under which both parties will work together and share resources for the ongoing development of utility scale tidal energy generation and associated energy storage solutions. Atlantis and GE have been working in partnership since September 2018 on the development and performance validation of Atlantis’ AR2000 tidal generation system, which is expected to be the world’s largest and most powerful single axis turbine available.


Tidal Stream Projects