The underpinning philosophy for our Health and Safety Management System is shown in the Plan, Do, Check, Act model shown below:


The infrastructure required for a tidal power project, both onshore and offshore, poses unique Health, Safety and Environment management challenges. The successful management of the interfaces between contractors helps drive down risk and must be a key focus for client, principal contractor and contractors alike.

Our project management teams ensure that:

  • Design for Construction is considered in all areas of onshore buildings, HV electrical plant, directional drilling, subsea cabling and offshore subsea equipment. The robust application of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 is paramount to this process.
  • Robust Risk Management processes are applied at all project stages
  • We appoint a competent and separate Principal Contractor for our onshore and offshore work experienced in the environments in which we operate.
  • We concentrate on managing our contractors and the contractors appointed by them
  • We minimise our impact to the surrounding environment
  • We provide suitable health and welfare arrangements for our staff, visitors and contractors

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Emergency Planning and Response, and Permit systems for hazardous operations are all part of the systems in place to control and minimise risks. All of our work plans are designed to minimise environmental impact, selecting the safest and most environmentally friendly methods of installing and removing subsea assets with minimum disruption to navigation.