Our Plan, Do, Check, Act model is the philosophy underpinning our attitude to workplace health and safety. This initiative is ingrained at each level of the business and is central to how our operations are run.


Our unique portfolio of sustainable energy generation projects has unique Health, Safety and Environmental management requirements. Generating power from tidal energy, hydro schemes and from waste conversion has a diverse set of specialist requirements covering offshore and onshore operations and construction activity.

Risk management and reduction is our key focus. Our staff have the right training, knowledge and experience for the projects being undertaken and we select competent contractors to help us keep our workplaces safe and secure.

Our project management teams ensure that:

  • Health Safety and the Environment are the focus of all aspects of design and project life -cycle. Specifically ensuring that our projects are safely constructed, operated and eventually decommissioned. The application of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 is integral to this process;
  • Robust Risk Management processes are applied at all project stages;
  • We appoint a competent Principal Contractor and Contractors for our onshore and offshore work who have experience in the environments in which we operate;
  • We concentrate on managing our contractors and the contractors appointed by them;
  • We focus attention on the interfaces between our contractors and their work packages to reduce risk and encourage excellence in behavioural safety programmes;
  • We minimise our impact to the surrounding environment
  • We provide suitable health and welfare arrangements for our staff, visitors and contractors

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Emergency Planning and Response, and safe systems for hazardous operations are all part of the control measures in place to minimise risks. Our work plans are designed to minimise environmental impact, selecting the safest and most environmentally friendly methods of construction operation and maintenance of our assets. SAE minimise disruption to neighbours, transport infrastructure and marine navigation activity when developing our energy generation projects.