The SIMEC Atlantis Energy mission is to become one of the world’s largest independent generators of sustainable energy. We want to be a catalyst for a new era of turbine manufacturing in the United Kingdom and play a key role in the transition of the energy market from hydrocarbons to renewables.

To make a meaningful contribution, we must deliver cost effective, reliable, utility scale tidal energy generation to customers and governments in a timeframe that is politically meaningful. In order to achieve these goals everything we do is governed by a set of core principles that we live by as an organisation:

Safety. Environment. Tenacity. Innovation. Respect.


Our people are our most valuable asset and their health and safety comes first, always. Our highest priority is making sure that all work sites are safe and we guide our people to ‘do it safe or don’t to it at all’.


The ocean is a virtually limitless source of renewable energy generation and we have a great responsibility to make sure that in harnessing that energy we cause no harm to the surrounding environment. We take this responsibility very seriously. We work with a number of leading environmental agencies to monitor key areas such as water quality, the behaviour of diving birds, the noises our turbines make underwater and the impact on marine life.


We don’t give up. Ever. Like all companies, we have had setbacks, but this only strengthens our resolve. We are pioneers in our industry and when faced with a challenge we will always seek to learn from mistakes, find a solution and make the most of the opportunity.


“We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created it”

Albert Einstein

At Atlantis, we have had to pioneer out of necessity. We have created new markets, new projects, new customers and helped forge a new industry, globally. We have created world leading intellectual property and created new rules to govern a new asset class.


At Atlantis, we understand the value of what respect is – for co-workers, stakeholders, project partners, the supply chain, our regulators, the environment and investors. It is those relationships, built out of respect, that enable us to be leaders in our field.